Automated AD LAB with BadBlood installed automatically # Part 1

Download the msi or you can use the powershell script to download it.
  1. 1 DC
  2. 1 Machine joined to the AD.
  3. Add your Kali to the same network (optional)
  1. Enables WinRM CredSSP
  2. Enters a wildcard in your system’s TrustedHosts file
  3. Allows credential delegation via local group policy settings
  4. Relaxes a setting for CredSSP patch CVE-2018–0886
Great we have images we can use
  1. 2GB of RAM
  2. DNS setting of
  3. Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation (Desktop Experience)
  4. Use the name BADBLOOD for the VMS and store it in the directory we specified earlier
  1. Download BadBlood
  2. Extract it and put it in your tools folder
  3. Edit Invoke-BadBlood.ps1, remove the lines highlighted in the red box below, add a variable to execute BadBlood and replace line 30–47 with
Collecting data with the bloodhound ingestor

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